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The Reindeer are back!

Reindeer Egg Holders

Chocolate Orange Holders

Perfect as Christmas table favours, teachers Christmas gift, gifts to friends and family or as a stocking filler or for Christmas Eve boxes.

The reindeer are back!

Perfect as Christmas table favours, teachers Christmas gift, gifts to friends and family or as a stocking filler or for Christmas Eve boxes.

Reindeer Egg Holders

Chocolate Orange Holders

Bespoke Tumblers

Tumblers massively popular in America and are a new growing concept here in the UK, with only a few artists specialising in them. My Tumblers are created using a huge variety of mediums from glitter, decals, vinyl, photos, inks and paints to name just a few, the list is exhaustive as many mediums can be used. Quite often multiple mediums will be used to create a unique, one of a kind, piece of art.

These are not just tumblers with just a bit of vinyl placed on them, the process is far more intricate than that, giving you a bespoke, quality product that stands out and that you can be proud to use.

Tumblers begin their journey as a plain stainless-steel double walled insulated cup that keeps drinks hot or cold for many hours. They are then transformed into pieces of art using high quality durable, food safe and FDA compliant resin. The design on the tumbler is embedded within the resin, thus ensuring the design does not wear, rub or peel off over time. Water simply has no way to come into contact with the design, thus ensuring the tumblers longevity.

Bespoke tumblers are designed and created to my customers’ requirements. My photographs showcase different tumblers that my clients have ordered with the brief being personal ideas  such as “I`d like an American themed cup with a bald eagle”, or “a cocktail themed cup”, “under the sea”, “Jurassic dinosaurs” and even cups with photos that the customer wanted on the tumbler.
I pride myself in being able to understand my customers visions, ranging from simple company logos to a tumbler that is worthy of its own display case. All I require is a bit of initial information, I will then go away and create the perfect piece of art to carry around.

As well as creating designs on the tumbler itself, it is also possible to have a topper (ornament on the lid) that complement the theme of the tumbler. Again, this is a bespoke item designed with the customers ideas in mind.

Chocolate Holders

All chocolate holders are made using high quality cardstock. I offer a range of various chocolate holders from reindeers, Easter bunnies and ghosts for Halloween.  Dependant on the chosen style of holder they will either fit a single Lindt chocolate or bigger chocolate items such as a terry’s chocolate orange or a kinder surprise egg.

Many of my chocolate holders can be personalised with a name/text, please see specific items details as to whether personalisation is possible.

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Bespoke designed resin pens are created using a variety of techniques and mediums to create one-of-a-kind pieces. The whole design is embedded underneath FDA compliant and food safe resin, which ensures the design is fully protected from wear and tear, peeling or any rubbing off, thus ensuring the designs longevity.

Clients can either choose from one of my stock designs, such as the popular crayon pen or I we can work together to create you a bespoke piece, made to your specifications.

The pen itself is a high-quality refillable Paper mate ink joy 0.7 black tip, this allows for replacement of ink, which will allow the pen to be enjoyed for a considerable amount of time.

Squad Ghouls

Make the most of your halloween parties with our BOO-tiful personalised gifts.